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Celebrating Women in the Arts
Women's History Month

Featuring a Group of 37 Women Artists
1-30 March 2007
11–5, Tuesday – Saturday

Opening, First Friday
Friday, 1 March. 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Barbara MacCallum, Electronics Excitations of a Small Outer Solar System Body

Barbara MacCallum. Electronic Excitations of a Small Outer Solar System Body, 2006-07. Science papers, polymer mediums, wire, hemp, sound, and light, 50h x 50d”

Anne Chestnut, Abecededarium

Anne Chesnut. Abecededarium, 2007. Six prints, image size 9 x 12”, sheet size 13 x20”

> See artist page for more images

Lydia Gasman, Picasso's Wheels Unveiled

Lydia Gasman. Picasso”s Wheels Unveiled, 2006-07. Mixed media on canvas, 48 x48”

> See artist page for more images

Stefanie Newman, After Gustave Cailebotte's 'Paris Street, Rainy Day'

Stefanie Newman. After Gustave Cailebotte’s ‘Paris Street,Rainy Day’, 2007. Bristol board, foam core, acrylic, 39 x 63”

Participating Artists

Janice Arone
Mary Atkinson
Susan Bacik
Nancy Bass
Fenella Belle
Pam Black
Robin Braun
Cary Brown
Cynthia Burke
Anne Cheeks
Anne Chesnut
Gray Dodson
Stacey Evans
Andy Faithr
Shelby Fischer
Nancy Galloway
Lydia Gasman
Shay Herring Clanton
Rose Hill
Cri Kars-Marshall
Barbara MacCallum
Megan Marlatt
Annie Harris Massie
Genevieve McConnell
Stefanie Newman
Akemi Ohira
Trisha Orr
Reba Peck
Martha Saunders
Elizabeth Schoyer
Sharon Shapiro
Rebecca Silberman
Anne Slaughter
Chica Tenney
Jennifer Van Winkle
Amy Varner
Meg West
Rebekah Wostrel